Day 1


Greg specialises in offshore fishing up and down the Queensland coastline and has been sharing his knowledge with the fishing community for over 20 years.

Greg has produced tutorial-based DVDs, written hundreds of articles for fishing magazines and conducted many specialised talks/presentations at boat shows, fishing clubs and charity events.

Day 2


With what has happened over the last 2 months it’s been pretty hectic. When thinking of things we could do to raise money by ourselves it’s hard to think that only a $100 donation from myself would do much. I know every little bit does make a difference but when we all got together to put this together I knew that this one of a kind opportunity would make a massive difference and bring some much-needed funds to our poor fellow Aussies going through hell at the moment.

My names Nick Whyte and I’m stoked to be able to offer the opportunity to spend a day on the water with myself and the other 4 legends to give up their time and knowledge.

I run a business Tech Fishing doing on water marine electronics training and fishing tuition. I enjoy my tournament and social fishing and look forward to sharing my knowledge and giving the winners an enjoyable day on the water. I’m going to have my brand new boat on the water just prior to the prize date which is loaded with everything Lowrance and JL Audio have to offer. For my day on the water I’ll be offering sounder training and a day on the Brisbane River targeting Threadfin Salmon.

I’ll be an open book and offer any info I can on the day. I look forward to an awesome day on the water and hopefully see a few fish coming on to the deck. Thanks to everyone who supports this awesome cause.

Day 3


Jamie has been competing in the national bream tournament circuit since 2013. This sees him travel from Gladstone in the north to East Gippsland in the South, so Jamie has seen first hand the devastation the fires have bought to the Mallacoota area.

Jamie has won and placed in the top 3 in numerous tournaments, most recently (2019), Jamie won the Mercury Cup, Queensland Open and setting a new overall biggest weight record winning Australian Open out of Sydney and is the first angler in history to win all three of these prestigious titles in the same calendar year.

Jamie has a vast knowledge of a multitude of finesse techniques, with a few of his favourites being too water fishing, unweighted plastics and crank baiting. Jamie will be more than happy to share the techniques he has taken years to acquire and teach the lucky winners the basics of reading weather and conditions.

The lucky winners will fish with Jamie in his USA imported purpose-built bass boat that is capable of travelling in excess of 115km/ph. This will allow the group to fish many different areas using a range of techniques.

Day 4


Hello, My name is Doug Burt and I have been selling Fishing tackle on the Gold Coast for 40 years and fishing the Gold Coast in every aspect and species for the past 50 years.

I believe that this is such a great cause to help those people who have suffered from the horrific fires and for those who have put their lives and time on the line to fight the fires, to say Thank you can never be enough. And for the chance of winning the major prize and the other awesome prizes, the chances are high with limited ticket sales and for the cause it is worth even higher, Thank you.

As much as I love to catch all the species that the Awesome Gold Coast has to offer, my speciality for the two winners of this competition will be one of the following depending upon weather.

Plan A:
Head offshore to fish for Spanish Mackerel and Spotted Mackerel. We will mainly troll with either baits or lures. If there is any surface action happening, we will switch to casting stick baits and metals.
Depending on weather we will be out from 5 am till 12pm( minimum)

Plan B:
If the weather doesn’t allow us to fish offshore, I will take you both up to Jumpinpin and we will fish for Flathead. Targeting the big girls up on the flats, where we will either be casting hardbaits or trolling. We will also be working the banks edges as the tide drops. Again we will be casting, but this time using soft plastics and we will troll as well. Time period ( 6am – 3pm ).
AS A BONUS….I will personally be supplying the two winners with a Lure Pack valued at $250 each which you are welcome to use on the day or take home with you.

See you soon and good luck to all those entering. Thank you again for your kind contribution to such a worthy cause.

Day 5


Born in Brissie but have called Goldie home for about 25 plus years. Fishing has been something I have done and loved for as long as I can remember.

I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with Mangrove Jacks and over a lot of years spent many hours trying to work them out and its still a never ending puzzle that keeps me keen. Apart from the Jack obsession pretty close behind, I love my cod and bass fishing as they take me away from my hometown of the Goldy to explore some amazing parts of our beautiful country. Whether catching fish or not the experiences that go hand in hand on these trips is what its all about.

In recent times the local freshwater has been a bit of a passion with Hinze dam only 20 min from home I’ve been spending a lot of time chasing the bass and toga the roam the waters ..Many techniques throughout the year see some good sized bass being caught ..its given me another drive and a passion at present.

I also spent many years in the tournament scene where I learn’t quite a lot in regards to lure fishing and fishing in general. These techniques have flowed on in all aspects of my fishing today and because of this I enjoy the challenge that is involved with all the newer species I encounter and trying to work out when, what and how to catch them. I’m always keen to evolve, search new areas and species as that challenge keeps fishing fresh.

For the 2 lucky winners I’ve have 2 options in mind as it depends on current fishing conditions ..I’m thinking a day in the fresh to break up your week of saltwater fishing targeting the bass and toga on beautiful Hinze Dam on a few different techniques from topwater to spoons.

Or Secondly is a Day Targeting the mighty Mangrove jack amongst the goldys endless man made structure where its split seconds of either winning and loosing the battle …again targeting them on topwater first to then some various techniques like fast rolled Plastics to Jerkbaits
And also for those lucky winners who fish with me for the day the kind Todd Family /E J Todd are going to give each of the lucky winners A Dobyns Rod , Sunline Leader and some Palms ,Molix and Lucky Craft product to suit the target species.

Its for a great cause so will be a awesome week for whoever wins this so get on it!




All proceeds go to Mallacoota area. Dispersed by a commitee organised by the fishing club.


  • Airfares and accommodation Australia wide
  • Hire car

Fishing starts on the 1st Monday of March

Fly-in on Sunday 1st
Fly-out on Saturday 7th


$100 per ticket

1,000 tickets available

Ticket numbers start at 1001
Drawn on the 19th of February 2020

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